Below is a listing of things to consider when putting on a road race or similar event. This is likely not all inclusive (it’s also not meant to scare you!!), but can give you an idea of what you’ll need to take care of to ensure the success of your event.

· Forming a race committee (generally 3-5 key people to plan the event)
· Developing a race budget
· Printing and distributing a race brochure
· Developing an entry form with an appropriate waiver statement
· Acquiring liability insurance
· Recruiting volunteers
· Publicity/marketing (news media, flyers, etc…)
· Water stations
· Refreshments (for runners and volunteers)
· Course measurement, marking (and certifying the course, in some cases)
· Medical assistance
· Traffic control
· Supplies/equipment for Start/Finish lines, race course
· Awards
· T-shirts or other race apparel
· Timing and results (will you hire someone, or can you do this yourself?)
· Entry fees (make sure you cover your costs) and late fees
· Age group divisions
· Contingencies and/or policy in case of inclement weather (including heat)
· Facilities (bathrooms, possibly post-race showers, dressing or staging areas)
· Availability of electricity (particularly for PA announcers, and results)
· Bib numbers
· Race packets
· Sponsors

To help in putting these pieces together, we’ve also developed a suggested timeline.